Use It Or Lose It!

Fellow ‘fictioners’ – if you want a great read for a Friday, take a look at Gordon’s works on the Short Stories section of his personal website, located at ( Fabulous reads, and more than a little scary regarding the plans they have in many local libraries.

(Posted by Alison McHarg)

4 thoughts on “Use It Or Lose It!

  1. Jane Reid

    Thanks, Alison McHarg, for pointing us to this. And Gordon Lawrie, great job. Yes, and scary. One branch of our county library seems rather careless in its clean-outs, and I sometimes stumble across an old friend there. The other branches are much more “modern,” and perhaps less interesting.
    Classics and seminal works such as F.W. seem to be disappearing from shelves.

  2. Gordon Lawrie

    I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this before. Two or three years ago I wrote a short story as a kind of publicity prequel to go with my novel, and posted it as an ebook on all the usual sites. Although it’s a freebie, Amazon of course insisted on charging for the Kindle version anyway, completely defeating the point.

    Anyway, I’ve put it on the website in the short story section, Scribd attempted to throw it out a couple of times saying I was in breach of copyright (i.e. my own) but I think it’s working at the moment. Some of you will have seen it before. It comes with a little ‘bonus extra’ – a bit like one of those toys that falls out of the cornflakes packet.

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