The Last Line II

Gordon Lawrie

I agree with Eric. This poor woman in a bathing suit must be getting both bored and cold by now as she walks back and forwards along the shore – time to give her a rest. Here’s a brand new starter. Ignore or follow at will – I’ll move it elsewhere if someone else comes up with something better.


After a lifetime of hard work, Barbara and Mark felt they were due a comfortable, stress-free retirement. They’d opted not to stay too close to the grandchildren so that it would be more of an event when they saw each other.

Over the winter, they’d had the house gutted inside: new kitchen, new bathroom, redecorated throughout. Now, the house was the way they’d want it for the rest of their lives; next, they were looking forward to tackling the garden in better weather.

It was only when the daffodils started to appear that they realised there might be something wrong.

3 thoughts on “The Last Line II

  1. Emma Baird

    Gordon, challenge accepted (and thanks for starting this up Ann-Louise – I think it’s often easier to start up a story when someone conveniently provides you with the first line).

    Daffodil Delirium *

    It was only when the daffodils started to appear that they realised there might be something wrong.

    It had always been thought that the most profitable drugs came from the poppy, but those in the know knew the daffodil bulb contained an intoxicating ingredient that if cultured correctly could be marketed to the masses for illicit purposes.

    Barbara and John’s garden was decimated that first year. The second year, Barbara drew a deep breath.

    “We need to think of the grandchildren John – and their legacy. It’s time for us to cook.”

    * With apologies to the writers of Breaking Bad.

  2. Home Cooking by Ann-Louise Truschel

    “It’s time for us to cook. Do we have enough to feed everyone?”

    “Of course we do. I’ve done this before.”

    “I just want to make a good impression on the Andersons. They’re so nice; I really hope they’ll buy the house next door.”

    “I feel the same way. The Hilliards made our lives miserable. The stuff they stole from us, the trash-filled yard and their endless drunken parties, I don’t ever want neighbors like them again. I glad we got rid of them.”

    “Well, they’re not actually gone yet. Not until our guests finish all of the Hilliard stew.”

  3. Gordon Lawrie

    Sorry, everyone, I thought we’d moved on to the new thread, so – just to be absolutely clear – this is following on from Ann-Louise.

    After-Dinner Entertainment

    “Not until our guests finish all of the Hilliard stew? But John, you’ve made enough to feed fifteen people and there are only four of them.” Mamie was incensed that she’d have to wait until all the food was cleared away before performing her party-piece, poledancing and striptease on the dining-table.

    After-dinner entertainment was a tradition at the Wollencroft household. Their children juggled rabbits; Grandma set off indoor fireworks; John demonstrated his skills as a quickfire pistol-marksman using cookware as targets.

    Guests weren’t obliged to join in, but tonight the Andersons had come prepared.

    They’d brought a little electromagnetic cobalt.

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