Thanksgiving Haikus

How about sharing some of your Thanksgiving pieces, with three lines of five, seven, and five syllables?

(Started by Robin Leigh Morgan)

11 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Haikus

  1. Robin Leigh Morgan

    Feedback would be appreciated

    Thanksgiving Day’s here.
    Time to feast and not overeat
    Stomach ache comes next.

    Family is here.
    Relatives we seldom see.
    Some we don’t care to.

    Turkey has been stuffed.
    So are we after the meal
    Time for dieting

  2. Russell Conover

    Thanks for the writing idea, Robin Leigh. I came up with this one off the top of my head, and will ponder a few more …

    The meal was just great
    But now I’m regretting it.
    Darn post-food coma!

  3. Gordon Lawrie

    Welcome from me, too, Robin. I do like haikus – see the poetry section – but I’m told I’m not very good at them. Nevertheless…

    A Scotsman Looks at Thanksgiving

    It’s St Andrew’s Day
    We’re not eating turkey here
    I think I’m relieved

  4. Jo Oldani-Osborne

    Thanksgiving Food?

    One time a food arrived.
    These the Dr. Suess stand-bys.
    Uncle Stan’s beer beets.

    Tilly is blind still.
    Her jelled mutton is untouched.
    Straight from the deep freeze.

    Thank you Jim’s red kale.
    Great Auntie’s Brown Goop..again.
    Sweet pickled hearts, beat.

    Family secrets.
    EAT, Great Aunt’s tripe recipe.
    Gross green raw oysters.

    Family secrets.
    No secret to us really.
    Polite, we smile, eat.

    Hungry yet we’re done.
    Who eats aspic anyway?
    Tupperware or bin?

    Time for New Thanks, Folks!
    Traditions can become stale.
    Come. Enjoy. No dish!

    Time for NEW Thanks, dears.
    Here, Kentucky Fried Fav’rites.
    Marie’s pumpkin pie.

    Turkey and gravy!
    Stove Top Stuffing is divine.
    Fresh veggies clean and crunchy.

    Aspic is no more.
    No food from nature is blue.
    Don’t eat hearts that beat.

    Black on buns — not good.
    Lumps in mash (out with the trash.)
    No one likes Pete’s “sauce.”

    Our families change.
    Traditions are made to change.
    You can thank me now.

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