Serial Posts

(Started by Eric J. Smith)

This thread provides F.F.F. authors the opportunity to post, in serial form, character sketches, backstories, or hooks for their works in progress (W.I.P.s). Authors may post other serialized ideas here, but this list should give you the idea.

1. The serialized material must have a title and consist of at least two but no more than five posts

2. Each post must be at least 100 words but no more than 750 words.

3. These posts are basically chapters, in the sense that they need, at their ends, some tie-up or lead-in to the next post.

4. We ask that the author succinctly indicate in a prologue and/or epilogue how the serialized posts begin and where they end.

5. Finally, to keep the serial moving and to foster fluidity, other FFF members are asked to kindly refrain from commenting on the serialized posts until the two- to five-post serial has been completed. Once the serial is completed, please have at it with comments for one week.

6. When the comment period of one week is over, ’tis time for the next serial to begin.

* * *

Emma Baird

Thanks for starting this up, Eric – I do love structure as it forces me into discipline. Sorry if that is comment, I shall refrain from now on and start up a serial.

McGarrity’s Less Than Ordinary Tuesday, by Emma Baird

Aw yikes! What have I started?

It was a Tuesday – and Tuesday is my least favourite day of the week because that is the day I do my admin work and my tax return was due. I’d opened up the document and I had been staring at it for ages, uninspired.

So what I did was I got myself online (you know, the internet is the enemy of the home worker) and diverted myself. I started gently with videos of cats doing funny things, then I progressed to reviews of the TV I watched last night (Gerry Cannon was in agreement with me about who should have left the Great British Cake Bake) and then I found an on-line bakers co-operative.

Wow. These folks were deadly, deadly serious about the art of baking. They didn’t like the Great British Cake Bake for sure and people were working themselves up into rants about all kinds of things.

Should you use a bread maker? Definitely NOT.

Was yeast a cheat? Yes – sour dough starter all the way.

Should shortbread be rubbed in or creamed?

The latter was my question. Generations of the McGarrity family have followed a tried and tested method of shortbread making which is felt to be the one and only method, so I just asked the question, typing it in, sitting back and …

What happened next couldn’t have been anticipated I swear and minutes later, I hears an ominous knocking on door.

“McGarrity! McGarrity! Open up! There’s something you need to know … ”

* * *

Roy Gomez

Great opportunities. Thanks for providing the venue.