Writing Resolutions

I know all our members here are pretty fabulous (and therefore not in need of improvement), but does anyone have any writing resolutions they would like to share/make themselves accountable for? I’m going to enter more competitions and make fiction-writing a much more regular occurrence. Any others?

(Started by Emma)

12 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. Emma Baird

    I know – writing resolutions are rather more challenging than health ones I would say. I started two books last year and have done very little with them in the last three months. I think the only way forward it to make a tiny commitment to one of them each week – say 100 words every other day and keep it up. I think that is supposed to be a proven strategy for establishing habits – you set yourself a very low goal, achieve it, feel good about it, continue it and sometimes even exceed it.

  2. Russell Conover

    I’m in the same boat as you, Emma. I’ve been working on a full-length fiction story for a long time, but I’ve been [ahem] neglecting it way too much. Therefore, this year, I hope to make at least SOME progress on the story every few days–if not every day. I just hate to let the story go stagnant for long periods. Of course, finding the time to do this writing isn’t easy, but it’s a priority.

    I also write in a personal journal, and like my story, I’ve been lax in this area. Hopefully I can do at least a few updates a week, though. In both cases, I want to just write SOMETHING every day. Hey–not a bad general resolution, I’d say.

  3. Eric Smith

    1. My memoir has been in the “draft completion” stage for some time. I must finish editing it during the first few months of this year and publish it before year’s end. Either that or finish editing and then decide not to publish so I will have something to tell people when they ask me about it.

    2. I plan to begin a novel this year. At a minimum, I hope to outline it. I don’t think I’ll go the “pantser” route this time. I found that held me up for months on the first book–all that organizing and re-organizing took forever.

  4. Amy Friedman

    “Pantser” was new to me too – always glad to be introduced to a cool new word!
    I have a few writing resolutions:
    1. Start journaling on a regular basis again. I don’t know if I could go back to doing Morning Pages (those who have done “The Artist’s Way” will know what I’m talking about), but I do want to journal once a week just to keep in practice.
    2. Get back to Flash Fictioning! I really like doing the 100 word bits.
    3. Try my hand at 500-word and 1000-word fiction. (I already write nonfiction articles of that length and longer.)
    4. Make some progress on the two novels that languish in my computer. (One was plotted, the other pantsed. The pantsed one, so far, is a lot funnier, but I need to figure out where it’s going to go and keep the funny going.)
    5. Write travel articles! I wrote my first a few years ago, which sold.

    Sounds like a lot, but it isn’t really. It’s just making sure I plan to write and am disciplined in my commitment.

  5. Alison McHarg

    I am going back to freelancing with a view to having more time to concentrate on more writing (there, I’ve said it now). I have the outline in place, so should just spend time concentrating on getting words on the page. Here goes …

  6. Kathleen Trocmet

    I recently learned about Flash Fiction and Flash Poetry, and find writing in these formats to be extremely enjoyable. I am a caregiver to my MIL who has advanced dementia — these short writings are very doable when there is a pause. I’ve made a resolution to produce at least one flash fiction and two flash poems a week for the rest of the year.

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