Hello and welcome to Friday Flash Fiction! To start with, why not submit a 100-word story about yourself – why you write, what you like to write and what would be your dream-come-true writing scenario… (Intro by Emma)

9 thoughts on “Introductions

  1. Russell Conover
    I’m no published writer–yet! However, I’ve loved to write all my life, and I’ve been told I do well with it. My two favorite genres in which to write are probably sci-fi/suspense and humor. However, I’m open to trying just about anything … and I enjoy participating in a creative writing club at my local university. At this point, my dream with writing is to spend some real time on a full-length suspense story I’ve been working on. The process is slow, but making progress feels great. I look forward to more Friday Flash Fiction in this group, too!

  2. Emma Baird
    I’ve worked for many years in a series of communications roles before finally having the courage to work for myself as a writer. I blog, write newsletters, press releases and e-books for others, as well as writing for myself (the fun bit!). My dream writing come true scenario would be selling lots of copies of my debut novel – but I think that might be a pipe dream!

  3. Eric Smith
    Years ago, I began viewing writing as a tradesman might, except the finished product requires more than technical skill; imagination breathes life into the mix. Since the seventies, my jobs related more to technical than creative writing. I didn’t choose those jobs; they chose me. I rationalized they entailed skills in which I had a modicum of proficiency even if they didn’t always demand creativity. After designing, editing, and managing proposals for 30 years, I retired in 2012 and continued writing—slopping on the cement and laying the bricks. Thus far I’ve completed the first draft of a book of personal essays.

  4. Gordon Lawrie

    I’d always aspired to writing a novel, but never quite found the time until I got the chance to go part-time in my last couple of years of work. The resulting 110,000 words were… excruciating. Only my wife has ever seen it and she agrees.

    But while I was writing the first novel, I had the bright idea that there was something I’d much rather write about, it would be a better story, and I’d have lots of fun. So my second attempt was born of desperation – to get over the first one – rather than inspiration. That became my first published novel and I certainly enjoyed writing it. I’d hope readers would smile, even laugh, reading it.

  5. Alison McHarg

    I write because I can often put it better in words… I love to read good writing and want to match the achievements of others. From Steinbeck’s sentence construction, to the slow burning perfection and suspense in Stef Penney’s The Tenderness of Wolves. I am attempting to write a novel which I would love to emulate some of that sort of writing. We’ll see …

  6. Robin Leigh Morgan

    I’m a retired NY City employee who’s been married for 21 years – no children.

    I’m the author of a MG/YA Paranormal romance novel entitled “I Kissed a Ghost.”

    I’m also about to release my second book in a few days “Micro Fiction – An Anthology”

    My WIPS are a

    YA Urban Fantasy novella entitled “The Secret of the Well.”
    An Adult Contemporary Romance novel entitled “His Darkest Secret” which has a paranormal
    element running through parts of the storyline.
    A second volume for my micro fiction anthology

    * * * And NOT TO FORGET – I’m also compiling an anthology of 200 – 250 Haikus * * *

  7. T. Mezera

    I enjoy reading all of these posts as they reflect aspirations, dreams and movement towards personal and professional fulfillment through writing. I write because I have to… an innate drive, explorative process and pleasurable experience. I’ve been underground online for years under nics and finally decided to publicly come out with my writing. I had volumes of poetry to publish but within the last month lost many poems due hardware failure. Recouping from that and starting over though I am glad for what I still do have. Raises my glass to all here…Here’s to challenges, dreams, accomplishments and pushing the envelope!

  8. Amy Friedman

    I did pop a little profile onto one of the FFF websites a while back. I know I’ve not been here too much lately (life calls – too much work), but figured I might as well offer up something.

    I have always loved the written word. I learned to read at age 3 and started to make up little stories a few years later. Amid much discouragement, I continued to write quietly, finally producing a sustained short story in college, which earned me a reputation as a writer with “verve.” (Great word!)

    After several false career starts, I fell into a journalism job in my mid-20s, and have written and edited others’ writing ever since. Occasionally my muse gets antsy and fiction comes pouring out … fortunately, not while I’m editing something for work!

    My wish: that I had more time to write fiction! This FFF environment is wonderful – I enjoy everyone’s stories, and really have fun putting together my little blips. I miss checking in, and will return once work settles down a bit more.

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