About F.F.F.

On LinkedIn.com, Emma Baird created a “Friday Flash Fiction” page that has really taken off. Here, users post their fiction stories of 100 words or fewer, and the group members often respond and comment. This blog is a continuation of the LinkedIn thread, hoping to expand our writing to an audience outside LinkedIn.

Emma has recently set up a Friday Flash Fiction group in LinkedIn, to complement the long-running discussion. The F.F.F. group has a number of topics, such as different story lengths and items related to the writing process, and we’re currently adding them to the WordPress blog.

We’d love to hear from you … and post any Flash Fiction stories you’d like to share! Please e-mail them to fridayflashfiction@yahoo.com anytime. The rules are simple–fictional writing and no more than 100 words. Please include your name as well, so that you can receive credit as an author.

Friday Flash Fiction-er Gordon Lawrie has also set up a website for our exercise, at (http://www.fridayflashfiction.com/). The site features all the stories from the F.F.F. history, and it has a page where users can easily submit stories. Gordon posts these stories regularly, and users are invited to submit their works.

Feel free to e-mail if you have questions about (or ideas for) this blog, or if you simply want to be in touch. As mentioned, we’re eager to hear from you.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the stories.

2 thoughts on “About F.F.F.

  1. Gordon
    Firstly: Do I take it that this is a different Flash Fiction to the one posted in LinkedIn by Emma Baird although reading through some I see they are the same ones posted in Linked in the blog started by Emma.? Its name being Friday Flash Fiction (FFF).
    Secondly: Is there a reason why this was started.? It seemingly then is not connected to LinkedIn.
    Thirdly: Will it be in order then that I give my other Email address. I note you are aware that I’m unable to fully open comments written by members and sent by LinkedIn to my Email address.
    Fourthly: Will FFF recorded here also appear in LinkedIn’s site?

    1. Hi, Len.
      Actually, I (Russell) do most of the work here on WordPress. We decided to start this blog as a continuation of the LinkedIn thread, to extend our flash fiction exercise to an audience beyond LinkedIn. The blog has gained a number of followers during its existence, and I try to keep it as up-to-date as possible with the latest stories from the L.I. F.F.F. postings. Regarding your e-mail address (if I’m understanding your question correctly), you’re welcome to follow this W.P. blog in addition to LinkedIn if you’d like. If any stories appear here that don’t show up on the L.I. thread, I’ll try to transfer them to L.I.–although that’s always been our main forum. I hope this message has answered your questions; let me know if I can do anything else.

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