A “F.F.F.” Blog Milestone

The last story on the blog (Snooping, by Faye Keschner) is officially the 2,000th one that’s been posted. I’m more than a year behind on the stories from our website, but am determined to keep the content coming.

Though our activity on our original home of LinkedIn has really quieted down, the website is still thriving. Thanks for managing it, Gordon Lawrie. Be sure to head there for the latest updates, and I hope to update the blog more frequently in the days to come, too.

Cheers. Long live Friday Flash Fiction …

Russell (blog manager)

Snooping, by Faye Keschner

Ginny’s husband was always going on about their neighbour. “I’m sure Coco is running a brothel from her apartment,“ he theorised.

Men frequently buzzed for Coco and Drew would pace as he heard their mirth drift through their kitchen window. Ginny silently labelled him paranoid and a grumpy old geezer.

Admittedly, Coco was scantily dressed with an alluring voice. But a prostitute? Nah. Ginny dismissed the idea and focused on her marking.

A few days later, while Ginny was washing the dishes, she heard Coco clearly say to her male visitor, “You see, that wasn’t so bad was it?”

Old Ways, by Faye Keschner

After three failed marriages and frequent breakdowns, Rebecca returns home to live with her aging mother. Rebecca has no means to support herself. This new living arrangement is fragile; the two women have never been in sync.

On the first night in her old bedroom, Rebecca glances upon something.

“Ma! How dare you!”

Her mother comes shuffling into the room. “What’s wrong now?”

“That picture. You know that I never got along with Sarah’s husband.”

“This is my home and this picture is history.”

The women tussle. Eventually the photo is relayed to the back of a dusty drawer.