Hit And Run, by Charles Boorman

The police appealed for information after the “hit and run” incident. A man delivered to hospital with cuts and bruises claimed he had been knocked down near the bird sanctuary. The perpetrator failed to stop at the scene.

The police issued a description of the suspect. He is thought to be white, about 1.5 metres in height and portly with a waddling gait.

The police also said the suspect could be wearing a ring on his left leg and warned the public not to approach him. “Mute swans can be very aggressive, especially big cobs like this one,” they said.

The Brioche, by Kim Gosling

The abandoned Brioche lies lonely and half eaten on the train to Exmouth. Its only friends are the Pepperami wrapper and the grains of sand that have fallen from a tourist’s bucket and spade. The Brioche looks around, paralysed, contemplating its short-lived life when it spots her.

She is gnarled, clothed in a shiny poncho of blue plastic with a cap to match. In one hand, a mop. In the other: The Sponge.

Rumours have spread viciously of her manipulation of the Mop and Sponge, together scrubbing away the fallen, sweeping their prey from existence.

Their next target:

The Brioche

Disconnect, by Don Tassone

He drove to the end of a street which did not exist forty years earlier, when he was a boy.

Then it had been a field. He had trekked through it countless times, willing to risk a scolding for the thrill of reaching the creek just beyond.

More than anything else in all his life, playing in that creek — wading in the cool water, jumping from rock to rock, finding crawdads — had made him feel connected to the earth.

Now he got out of his car and looked around to get his bearings. There was no sign of the creek.

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