A Shaggy Dog Story, by Gordon Lawrie

A dog drops into a pub, approaches the bar and gives a deep bow.

“Wow,” says the dog. “This place has changed! Big improvement.”

“Thanks. We don’t get many dogs here these days,” the barman says. “What can I get you?”

“A salty dog, please.”

“Sure,” says the barman. He fixes the cocktail. “You look a little off colour – are you OK?”

“Feeling a bit rough, actually.”

“Sorry to hear that,” says the barman, pushing the cocktail towards the dog. “That’ll be £8.00.”

“What?? That’s much more than I’d expected.”

“Sorry,” says the barman. “Prices have gone through the woof.”

* * *

Note: Gordon’s story, with picture, is also on a page of the F.F.F. website.


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