The Letter, by Gordon Lawrie

At precisely 10.00 a.m. on 29th March 2017, the Prime Minister of Pluto arrived in person on Earth to deliver ‘The Letter’ triggering Article 27987645/B/1: Pluto was announcing its intention to become an asteroid and leave the Solar System.

The Head of the Solar Systemic Commission looked bemused: “There musht be shum mishtake,” he said in broken English. “Pluto wash kicked out of the Sholar Shyshtem back in 2006. You’ve no right to leave.”

The Plutonian Premier was furious. “You’ve no right to stop us from leaving!” she said, snatching The Letter back. “We Plutonians must hold a referendum about this!”

(Full story, including picture, on a page of the F.F.F. website.)


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