Cut, Paste, Manipulate, by Kathy Dunkerley

Failed I.V.F., rising debt, and a husband who absconded when he’d had enough. Lisa was all alone, and faced a childless future. But Lisa knew she wasn’t that person. She opened her laptop, and with a few taps on the keyboard she located an image: the son she almost had. Lisa, thankful for her evening classes, cut the child’s image and pasted into a Photoshop file. She pressed ‘Duplicate,’ and the set of beautiful male quads stared back from the screen. Facebook was launched, and ‘Upload Photos’ clicked. Comment? Beautiful. Swimming champs. Emoticon: Happy Face.

About the Author
Kathy was tugged from her American roots by her English husband, and spent the next 30 years lecturing in psychology and bringing up her children. She now plans to nurture her creative side.


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