The Rebuild, by Russell Conover

Note: From now on, I’m going to label stories that come from LinkedIn as such, rather than doing so for ones from the website. Since the vast majority of our stories now come from the website, rather than L.I., this change seems appropriate. Feel free to check out the original postings (and to contribute if you so desire) at ( — Russell

The Rebuild, by Russell Conover

(LinkedIn Story)

The baseball team was struggling. Try as they might, the players just couldn’t regain their top status in the league. Therefore, athletes were replaced or traded, and the team even moved to a new stadium. The changes were big, and the team had high hopes.

The stadium’s location on Pluto, while not ideal for Earthlings, certainly attracted more inter-universe fans. An issue, though, was gravity–or lack thereof. Not only did home runs now travel miles, but players often sailed into the air during games.

Interplanetary baseball, a failed experiment, caused Earthlings to appreciate things they previously took for granted.


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