Judy, Judy, Judy, by Johann Lux

(F.F.F. Website Story)

General Wall escorted Dr. Judith Nowell down a long underground corridor at Area 51.

“He popped out of thin air and used a payphone to contact the Pentagon,” the general explained.

“It’s a male, humanoid,” Dr. Nowell balked.

“Yes, and a sharp dresser,” the general grinned and opened the door to the room containing the extraterrestrial.

“Is this a joke?” Dr. Nowell snapped.

“He gave us the math that unifies the fields,” the general winked.

“Why does he look like Cary Grant wearing a tuxedo?” Dr. Nowell asked sarcastically.

The alien responded telepathically, “Doesn’t everyone want to be Cary Grant?”


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