Holiday Blues and Ice Cream Sundaes, by Fliss Zakaszewska

(F.F.F. Website Story)

The last day of the holiday. No one had actually TOLD him. But he knew. The cases were in the back of the car.

“Strawberry ice cream as a special treat, please, Viv.”

Fobbing him off, eh?

“Here you are, Denis.”

Nose up; no, shan’t.


Nose down; shan’t!

“Perhaps he doesn’t like strawberry?”

“Nope, he’s sulking.”


“Prove it to you. See you next holiday and we’ll try again…”

* * *

Six months later: “Strawberry ice cream, please Viv. There you go, Denis.”

Mmmm… Yummy.

“Well, I never thought a Rottweiler would sulk at the end of a holiday!”


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