Thought Speed, by Len Nourse

Ann-Louse reminded me that I’d not written a F.F.F. 100 word lately. I had for my own use but had thought they were not worthy of the group. This besides being involved in my own nutrition research, myself being the test object. My thoughts were also that personally they were of little use other than practicing writing skills – a bad thought, yes. So what I’m now going to do is use 100 word F.F.F.’s as snippets for a new theme of kids’ stories, namely ‘Thought Speed’. The speed of light would be inadequate to venture outside our solar system and even likely too slow to even get to those moons in the sun’s outer planets – which might be possibilities. So in my next, my first:

Thought Speed, by Len Nourse

Thirteen year old Whiz-kid Leon pondered the wisdom of space travel other than colonizing other planets in our solar system. Delving deep into his mind, using similar skills of his twin sister Lizzie, used brain-thought transformed Einstein’s mass-energy equivalence formula to thought-speed. Using this, holding his sister’s hand, he imagined them on an ideal planet in orbit around the sun–Proxima, the dim companion of the triple-star system, Alpha Centauri. They arrived in anticipation on Golden beach, but were immediately sized by robots where they were taken to the decontamination room and decontaminated; the process not amenable to thought speed.


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