The Decline, by Russell Conover

You guessed it–this one’s another “fiction based on fact” tale for me. In a couple of ways, come to think of it.

The Decline, by Russell Conover

The cooking club had been vibrant and entertaining, until members stopped attending. Before, thirty-plus people were often there, but now it was just five or six on a good night.

“Wonder where everyone is?” Sue pondered.

“Maybe all this rain keeps them away,” Ron suggested.

Hmm. That was a thought. It had rained every day for weeks, and travel was difficult.

“Perhaps,” Sue responded. “But, who wouldn’t want to join in the fun every week?”

She turned all stove burners to HIGH, like every meeting, illustrating her specialty of flambé to the max. Ron grabbed the fire extinguisher again, sighing.


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