Bad Hair Day, by Emma Baird

Here’s mine for this week, which relies on the reader being familiar with Beyonce’s body of work. And her personal life, to a certain extent.

Bad Hair Day, by Emma Baird

The humidity was not her friend – at least not when it came to her hair. The warm, damp atmosphere had created a halo of frizz around her head. She looked as if she’d stuck a finger in an electrical socket.
“Ooh,” her manager winced. “Bad hair day?”
She nodded. “You bet. I’m not really rocking the curls at the moment.”
Trouble was, she was booked in for a shampoo ad. The product in question was meant to give you thick, glossy locks.
She sighed, and passed her phone across to her manager.
“Better call Becky with the good hair.”


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