Perfection, by Russell Conover

Emma: Your “writing about writing” topic inspired me today (always a good one), as did a bit of trivia I just read online (just a fun newsletter, so not sure how reliable the info is, but still).

Perfection, by Russell Conover

Ted rubbed the exhaustion from his eyes as he finished reviewing his novel. It wasn’t perfect, like he knew it could be. He’d been up hours later than usual the night before his deadline, too.

Looking for inspiration, he turned on his favorite music: “We are the Champions” by Queen, voted the catchiest song of all time. Ted knew he was a writing champion; if only he could iron out these last few kinks in his story.

“ARRRGH!” His fist slammed into his desk with frustration.

“I can’t give up now.” He sighed. “Just a few more minutes.”


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