Yes Exit, by Amy Friedman

A second story, inspired by Brexit. Any cultural errors are mine and mine alone.

Yes Exit, by Amy Friedman

They did it! They seceded!
No they didn’t! They voted to leave the E.U.
You mean they’re still part of Union of European States?
It’s the European Union.
Well, it’s still a union. Maybe the U.K. could form the Confederate States of England.
No way. Scotland wants out. It wants to join the E.U. by itself.
Scotland? Trump’s there. Maybe he can make it the 52nd state.
You idiot. Scotland hates Trump. He’s probably getting booed and egged.
By all those sissy dudes in skirts?
Kilts. Battle dress, you moron. Romans wore kilts, too.
Well, Romans were sissies too.


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