Blink, by Amy Friedman

I do try to be serious sometimes. Really I do.

Blink, by Amy Friedman

“I believe in the Cause,” the white-robed priestess intoned.
A great bell tolled. BONG. Thousands of candles throughout the grotto flickered. A low hum from thousands of female throats set the walls vibrating.
“I believe every being has the right to be.” BONG.
“I believe sentience is universal.” BONG.
“Peace rules where the sovereignty of none reigns.” BONG.
Ptark crouched behind the rocks, fingering the button that would signal his armies. Suddenly, an invisible hand snatched him by his collar and carried him swiftly to hang before the priestess.
“Blasphemer!” she shouted.
He blinked. “Jessica?”
Her eyes popped open.

(Try, but FAIL. Ha!)


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