Regionalisms, by Amy Friedman

It’s Friday! And it’s Doughnut Day in the States. I bought a box of a decadent pastries called Glitter Bites for my teammates. Think doughnut hole, infused with vanilla buttercream and rolled in sugar crystals. A moist, sweet heavenly treat. My teammates went nuts. Inspiration!

Regionalisms, by Amy Friedman

Uchhh – this is so good!
Why do you say “uch” if something’s good? Isn’t uch usually when something is horrid? Like ugggghhh?
No! It’s like “ohhh…”
So why don’t you say ohhh?
Uchhh is Brooklyn. Works better for me.
Oh – you mean like dope is good, sick is hip, bad is cool …?
Nah. Just uch. Can’t you just hear Barbra Streisand saying “Uch, I’m so ferklemt”?
Now that you say it …
See? Easy-peasy.
Yeah. Britspeak.
Definitely not Brooklyn.
I’d probably be run out of Brooklyn for saying easy-peasy.
Well, as least you haven’t started pronouncing forty “farty.”

(Note of explanation: The St. Louis accent is funny – people actually do say “farty”!)


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