Entropy, by Amy Friedman

I know, it’s Thursday, but the muse was a-clamorin’. A not very liked ex-boss just published a thriller, and I made the mistake of reading the first chapter. I wanted to do better. Here’s what emerged.

Entropy, by Amy Friedman

Marnie bent over, wrapping her arms around her belly. Oh, it hurt … knowing her life would get a solid F if it were graded. Every decision – education, marriage, jobs, locations … all stupid, wrong, regrettable. Every mean remark directed her way – dumb, egomaniacal, oversensitive, hostile, peculiar – all were right. Right! And there was no time left to heal.
Joel hesitated at the door, hovering out of sight. He knew Marnie was beating on herself. Filling himself with love, his hands stretched forth to caress her shoulders.
“Joel?” Marnie said. He brushed her cheek with ghostly lips. “Here,” he said.


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