Invasion Run Amok, by Russell Conover

This week, I’m combining the disappearance topic from today with the theme of a long story I’m writing.

Invasion Run Amok, by Russell Conover

“Our plans to invade Earth are on schedule!” the red alien hissed gleefully.
“And just imagine how wonderful seeing their terror will be,” the blue extraterrestrial snarled.

They and their comrades made last-minute plans. They exploded out of their spaceship, onto the ground, ready to capture victims and take over society.

However, no one was there.

They looked left and right, to see only tumbleweeds bouncing over roads.
“WHA??” the monsters growled.

Safe in their underground bunker, the citizens toasted. “Saved, once again, by writing Friday Flash Fiction! Though, we should probably go say hi, at least.”


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