Leah’s Story: My Daughter, Dina, by Marlene Goldberg

Dina, the saucy tomboy, competed with her brothers, seeking mischief. As a teenager, roamed, head uncovered, joining the Canaanite girls – market jewelry shopping. Persistently headstrong despite my warnings.
Shkem, Hamor the chieftain’s son, used to having his way, noticed the smiles, the long hair blowing unfettered. He’d have his way with her.
Shehkem realized not her elder brothers’ anger – desire for revenge.
“What should I do?” Shkem asked his father. “I love her.”
Her brother Simon informed Shkem’s messengers they must convert.
Nablus residents weakened by circumcision, were killed.
“You’ve shamed me,” Jacob admonished.
Dina was safely locked up.


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