Jonz, by Roshanna Sidney Evans

Nobody would listen to the new kid on the block.
“Yeah, yeah, sure kid. We know about Jones,” the police captain smirked. “Go home, okay, Turner.”
“Oh, for God’s sake,” the school principal groaned, “Bygsy isn’t even on the county map. Go figure if Jones gonna show up.”
“Hee-eze awl-ready h-h-here.” Turner’s eyes buggered as his body parts started to reformat into a turbo techno warrior Transformer.
“Jo-o-n-nes,” the voice said as an index finger cocked like a fire arm. “N-ext t-t-ime lissen to the k-k-iddz.”
“To-o ll-ate.” The electrical surge charred his clothes. “Burning Man in Bygsy.”


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