Stuck, by Russell Conover

This story came to me as I was trying to think of a topic for this week’s F.F.F. (Always fun to write about writing, too.)

Stuck, by Russell Conover

Ray sat at his computer desk, staring at the blinking cursor. “Must you mock me?” he muttered. “You KNOW I’m totally stuck.”

The storm raged in his brain. He needed a story topic that would inform his audience, something that he’d enjoy writing, something that would entertain his readers. But, hard as he thought, nothing came.

“ARRRGH!” Ray launched himself up and stomped outside. “Must get out of that Bat Cave!”

Suddenly, inspiration struck. He breathed the fresh air. “Freedom,” Ray sang. “Times I’ve felt free, and how wonderful it felt.” He raced back to his desk, ideas churning.


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