Blood Libel, by Marlene Goldberg

Once when the king got lost in the forest, he approached a hut. The Jewish couple inside prepared a meal, using what little food they had. The wife, noticing a blood spot in the egg, promptly discarded it. Next morning, the king asked her why she did so. She said that Judaism forbids eating an egg with even a spot of blood.
When Jews were accused of using a Christian baby’s blood to make Passover matzahs, the king summoned the accuser, demanding, “Who witnessed the deed?”
“The priest sent me, your majesty!”
The priest, summoned, was hung.
Blood libel rescinded.

(Footnote): My father in law just told us this story at a family dinner. It’s topical as some Muslim fanatics are reviving the blood libel of traditional anti-semitism. (Just one of their many lies about Judaism.)


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