Rashomon I, by Amy Friedman

Here’s a two parter – each is 100 words.

Rashomon I, by Amy Friedman

“How are you?” said Andi, as she slid into the booth.
“Terrible – everything’s falling apart,” Marlene said, staring at the paper placemat.
“Well, you’re here, and I’m delighted to see you.” Andi sighed. If it was going to be one of those lunches, it might as well start off with making Marlene at least somewhat happy. How did her brother put up with such a sad sack?
Marlene fished out her sunglasses and whipped them on.
“Don’t mind me – just an off day,” Marlene smiled
“We all have them,” Andi said, consolingly.
“Well, we’re here – let’s enjoy ourselves,” Marlene said.


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