(My Father, Saul), by Marlene Goldberg

* (Note: From now on, if authors don’t give their stories titles in the LinkedIn thread, I’m going to identify them by the first few words, to hopefully make finding and keeping up with them easier. I’ll put these unofficial titles in parentheses. — Russell)

(My Father, Saul), by Marlene Goldberg

My father, Saul, suffered fits of madness, terrible frenzied states – soothed only by the lilting melodies of David’s lyre, allowing him to fall into a fitful sleep. But then word came of David’s exploits, praising his defeat of the Philistines in battle. Commoners chanted: “Saul killed thousands, but David ten thousand.” Father seethed with jealousy.

David, at only 13, had killed the mammoth, Goliath, with a single sling-shot. His downfall reverberated around the land.

I, Michal, loved David, the red-headed warrior-musician. We married, but I bore him no children.

Father sinned – saving the king of Amalek. Prophet Samuel anointed David.


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