Nerves, by Russell Conover

You inspired me this week, Gordon. (And, hopefully it’s still Friday somewhere … maybe on Pluto?)

Nerves, by Russell Conover

Ever since she saw the movie “Psycho” last night, she’d been terrified to enter her own shower. The chances of a repeat were slim, but better safe than sorry.

Trembling, she turned on the water and stepped inside. The warm flow soothed away her worries, and she closed her eyes and smiled.

“I know you’re in there,” a raspy voice wheezed.

Screaming, she tangled the curtain and fell flat on her face. Looking up, she saw her husband smirking. “Bit nervous?” he jabbed.

“Better watch your back next time YOU’RE in here,” she muttered. “I’ll be lurking. You’re never safe.”


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