I Confess I Am, by Roshanna Sidney Evans

Sick of The Daily Dying. Sick of Substituting Self. Sick of Biting the Bullet. Sick of Eating the Bullet. Sick of Living in Rote.
Say, “I am rote!”
“Never!” Me screams inside my groomed Dull Body. “I will never, ever, be Rote!”
Then I peek from Behind the Curtain, and see the outlines of Lives Still Waiting, expecting me to Crack the Monotony in 90 Minutes.
Standing on The Stage Where Truth Speaks As Fiction.
Making Hard Truth Safe.
“I confess…” They Breathe Deep into their Unbreathing.
“We are Sick. With Rote.”
Monotony Cracks a Long Sigh.
Rote Remains Safe.


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