The Mohel and the Fly, by Amy Friedman

I was chatting with a friend earlier, and somehow, this joke came up. I thought it would make a cute Flash Fiction tale. 100 words. (For those of you not familiar, the Mohel does the actual ritual circumcision (bris) for Jewish male babies.)

The Mohel and the Fly, by Amy Friedman

A competition was held to find the best swordsman in Japan.
The three finalists: two samurai and a mohel.
The judge released a housefly.
The first samurai drew his sword. “SHWIP SHWAP!”
The fly was neatly quartered.
Then a second housefly was released.
The second samurai drew his sword. “SHWIP SHWAP SHWOP!”
And the fly fell to the ground, its wings and legs neatly severed from its body.
Then came the mohel’s turn.
A third housefly was released.
He drew his sword. “thwip”.
The housefly flew off.
The crowd booed.
The mohel bowed and smiled. “Ah, but he’ll never reproduce.”


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