The Warning, by Russell Conover

Tonight I was inspired by a certain … figure … on my desk. And, hopefully it’s still Friday somewhere.

The Warning, by Russell Conover

“What’s that, little ducky? A huge storm is coming?”


“And we have to go inside immediately or it’ll swallow us alive?”


“Relax, Marsha. It’s just a duck eating in the park. They quack all the time. Why is this one any different?” Rudy shook his head, laughing.

Suddenly, the gray clouds above turned into a monstrous figure, with huge claws and gleaming white fangs. Marsha and Rudy screamed and ran for cover, but it was too late. The monster gobbled them whole.

“I tried to warn them, but NOOOO,” the duck stated sadly. “Who’d believe a talking duck?”


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