A Keenly Felt Loss, by Gordon Lawrie

Mostly non-fiction, this owes a lot to the previous post. However, it is exactly 100 words.

A Keenly Felt Loss, by Gordon Lawrie

They couldn’t blame removals; they hadn’t moved in thirty-five years. Anyway, anything that vanished generally eventually resurfaced.

One thing remained stubbornly missing, however. As a child he’d devoured the Rev W Awdry’s railway stories, Thomas The Tank Engine and friends, the original twelve books in landscape version; then read them to his own children thirty years later; and now wanted to share them with his grandchildren. But they’d vanished. His wife hadn’t thrown them out; divorce would have followed.

The ‘mystery’ was finally solved: stolen by master criminals, they were now in the private collection of an infamous Maryland gangster.


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