Nativity Scene No. 1, by Gordon Lawrie

“Sure you got the address right?” asked Bally. He and Caz were getting irritated.

“Stable Lane,” snapped Mel.

“Lotta money riding on this, Mel,” Caz said, threateningly.

“I’m doin’ my best. Even Land Rovers have to go easy towing caravans.”

“I ain’t losing to hicks on foot.”

“They’re not on foot,” Bally said. “Those guys are professional shepherds – they use quad bikes.”

Caz cursed. “Well you’ve got your sat-nav. They’ll never find that Travelodge in Bethlehem.”

Suddenly, Bally pointed skywards. “What’s that? Sure is bright.”

Mel gasped. “That’s the International Space Station. They’re following that!”

Caz cursed again. “That’s cheating.”


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