Surfing U.S.A., by Emma Baird

Still on hols but the tradition of a wee F.F.F. is engrained these days. My story this week is entirely based on fact (apart from the bit about balance).

And forgive me. Because I’m on holidays I’ve allowed myself a little more than 100 words.

Surfing U.S.A., by Emma Baird

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, Malia had hoped that the morning would reveal a hitherto undiscovered talent for surfing.

With absolutely no surfing experience, a sense of balance that resembled a certain famous Italian landmark and a general lack of athletic prowess, she paid her 45 euros and headed for the waves.

Three hours later and an awful lot of frankly terrifying underwater immersions, she relinquished the brief fantasy she’d indulged in – where a 40-something woman takes up surfing for the first time, and discovers an amazing aptitude for it, going on to win surfing prizes world-wide.

She did, however, achieve a wetsuit tan. Burnt hands, burnt feet and a very red face.


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