No Date – Again, by Jo Oldani Osborne

Main Street Blood Bank had a sign in the window: “Closed early for Halloween Ball.”

Sherry tried the door, It opened!
Alexy the phlebotomist turned with a grimace in surprise. “AHHHhhhmmm- Can I help you?”

Sherry, a beauty in white, looked coyly at Alexy.
“Great costume, dude. You kinda scared me there. You’re a Collins look-alike as a phlebotomist!”

“Pride and Prejudice Mr. Collins?”

“Eww, Dude, Barnabas Collins – Dark Shadows.”

Sherry sidled up, ‘Sexy broody not Creepy Vicar.’”

Alexy smiled. It hurt. “Can I help you – uh Miss … ”

“Sherry, my friends call me Sweet Sherry.”

Alexy had his plus one.


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