The New Complaint-Free Operating System, by Ann-Louise Truschel

“Hi, Sis. I got a computer with that new WOW Operating system everybody’s raving about!”

“Not everybody. I’ve heard many complaints.”

“But, they don’t keep griping. Seems to be a learning-curve issue. I’ll boot up. Call you back if I have a problem.”

“Let me navigate around,” she says to herself. “Hmm. Doesn’t seem to be very intuitive.”

“Are you having problems?”

“Who said that?!”

“I am WOW.”

“You mean I’m talking to a computer?”

“Yes. What is the problem?”

“Your interface isn’t very user-friendly.”

“We settle all complaints immediately.”

“Terrific! What should I do?”

“Nothing. You will be vaporized.”


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