The Universe Steps In By Emma Baird

Oh, I’m now sad that I didn’t join in with the one-eyed, three-eyed tricksters! Anyway, this week my story is based on a TV show I was watching about spending. (And er, maybe the plot of The Shopaholic series.)

The Universe Steps In By Emma Baird

Surrounded by unopened bags, the true extent of Mia’s shopping habit lay in front of her. Unworn, unused tops, trousers, dresses, jacket, handbags, shoes and more.

“What am I to do?” she wailed. Her home had no more room and her wallet no more money to spare.

But shopping was addictive – the thrill of the new and the immediate an unbeatable high that she needed more and more.

If a plea was particularly plaintive, the universe sometimes stepped in. A lightbulb moment.

“I know! I’ll become a personal shopper. That way, I spend thousands – it just isn’t my money.”


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