Pride and Prejudice on the No36 Bus, by Gordon Lawrie

On the lower deck of the bus, Roseanne sat reading Pride And Prejudice.

Across the isle, three women discussed fridge contents – fruit, chicken needing to be used, some broccoli.

Behind Roseanne, two men discussed fingernail-clipping and shaving techniques. However, their switch of topics to deodorants was just too much for her.

“Shut the **** up! I’m trying to read!”

As instructed, everyone was immediately silent; fourteen faces turned towards Roseanne unblinkingly. Then the whispering started.

“Who does she think she is?”

“I’ve got a Kindle.”

“I’ve read 50 Shades.”

“What’s reading?”

Roseanne sighed, shut her book, then closed her eyes.


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