(Untitled) by Amy Friedman

As my entry into Group Grope got usurped, I’m posting it here as a standalone. 100 words.

(Untitled) by Amy Friedman

Bingo World was hopping tonight – almost every seat was taken. Carrying Dierdre’s Ecstacy-laced drink, I plunked myself down beside her.
“Get out of that seat, you mangy bugger!” she yelled. “That’s Dolores’ seat!”
“She ain’t here, right?” I said, placing her drink on the table. “And why can’t I sit next to me wife?”
I braced myself for a solid whap on the noggin with her purse. Fortunately, she was intent on her cards.
“Got you a fresh drink, I did,” I said to her.
“Go on,” she muttered, lifting the glass for a sip.
“Bingo,” I whispered to myself.


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