Journey Into the Unknown by Gordon Lawrie

For international readers requiring clarification, Kepler 452b is not a well-known bikers paradise in the north of Scotland, although its summers may have similar weather to what we’re experiencing now.

It put me in mind of a 100% true story from 41 years ago, which I’ve opted to share in F.F.F. form although of course it’s not fiction.

Journey Into the Unknown by Gordon Lawrie

I remember it as though yesterday: a miserably wet Wednesday night in March 1974. Hearts, my football team, against Ayr United, played in teeming rain. No covered spectator enclosures in those days.

Afterwards we were in no mood to hang around, so our driver decided to take a ‘short cut home’. Then the mist descended, fog actually. We drove along tiny Ayrshire country lanes for almost twenty miles, unable to see more than five yards around us with no evidence of life, habitation, or even another vehicle.

Then we saw a sign.


We decided we were lost.

* * *

(Look up an atlas for an explanation if you need to!)


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