(Untitled) by Amy Friedman

Friday comes! And Frick & Frack are back.
I think this is the fastest I ever wrote an FFF entry. 100 words.

(Untitled) by Amy Friedman

What’s the matter?
My throat’s sore.
Dunno. Maybe it’s a cold.
You’ve been coughing all morning. It doesn’t sound good.
It’s not good! My sinuses are all drippy, my head’s stuffed up, my throat is sore and I feel like crap.
Any meds you can take?
Or maybe it’s mold. The mold count is super high today.
But mold doesn’t give you a sore throat.
I don’t know. Maybe it does.
So are you sick, or having a mold allergy attack?
Lord knows. I have no idea.
Maybe you should go home.
Can’t. Too much to do.


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