Boredom by Russell Conover

I wish I hadn’t felt this way (like the first character) all too often in life. But, it beats the alternative, right?

Boredom by Russell Conover

“Argh! No way I can finish all this work.” Andrea sighed.

Clarence, her coworker, smiled. “Been there. But, at least you’re not bored on the job.”

“Just once, I’d like to know how that feels.”

Suddenly, the power in the office went out. Lights and computer screens dimmed, and everyone gasped in surprise.

“Well, lookie here,” Clarence said with a smile. “Did someone get her wish?”

“For now,” Andrea replied. “Just don’t let the boss see me in the dark.”

“I’ll cover ya. Our job now is to enjoy this rare moment of freedom. I could get used to this!”


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