Macaroon Masterclass by Emma Baird

Hello and happy Friday to you all. I hope you have nice weekend plans lined up. Russell, I borrowed from your cooking theme (despite swearing to stay away from it, I’m once more enthralled to Celebrity Masterchef on the BBC … )

Macaroon Masterclass by Emma Baird

Carol’s Cool Cooks was the business born of those original cookery lessons.

Carol came round to your house and taught you how to cook. She taught you the staples – bread, two sauces for chicken, poaching fish and a decent roast. Once those were grasped, the more confident cook could move onto making their own pasta and creating foams.

The adjective ‘cool’ applied not to the foods created, but rather the demeanour of the cook as he or she worked.

Carol taught them to be relaxed and believe in themselves. But did they believe in themselves enough to master the macaroon?


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