1. Blog Publishing

We hope you’re enjoying the Friday Flash Fiction stories published here on the blog. As you may know, most of our recent stories originate on the F.F.F. website (with a few more on the Friday Flash Fiction LinkedIn pages), and the stories are copied from those locations to the blog.

Authors retain copyright of their stories, as detailed on the website’s Terms & Conditions page. The goal of this blog is to spread our writing to another audience, on WordPress, to supplement the contributions to the website.

However, if you would prefer that your story not appear here on the blog, and only on the website/LinkedIn, please e-mail us at (fridayflashfiction@yahoo.com) and we’ll refer visitors to the original post. Questions, comments, and feedback about the blog can go to the same e-mail address as well.

Thanks for your interest in our stories, and for visiting our various Web pages.

Russell Conover, Moderator, F.F.F. blog